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OMR Industries

At the OMR INDUSTRIES Group of Companies, we lead the way in the global supply of high-quality minerals. we Manufacture wide ranger of Olivine sand , foundry sand , refactory sand , casting steel sand etc. Through our decade-long expertise, Our people are central to the success of the business with their knowledge and skills. we deliver both our purpose and strategy in clear accordance with our values of safety, teamwork, respect, integrity and excellence. We are carrying on the activites in industrial minerals, specifically olivine, magnesite & many other minerals. Having thousands of application experience for each product of ours, we guarantee to provide the best after sale services.

OMR INDUSTRIES Works in accordance to the India′s Quality Policy to create a shared platform for quality standards in the Minerals business. We monitor and measure the quality of our operations, and we are committed to continual improvement, Also we are committed to working in accordance with the Quality Policy and expect our collaboration partners to do the same.

High Quality Minerals

Skilled Peoples

Best Service

15+ Years Of Experience

Our Team

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S.Manoj Kumar

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K.Desinghu Raja

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